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Custom Handmade Ceramic House Plaques

Custom handmade ceramic house plaque add charm to the exterior of a home that simple plastic numbers cannot.  House Plaques are all hand painted with lettering and / or numbers custom designed on the plaque to suit your requirements.  If custom ceramic house plaques are not what you are looking for, please visit our custom ceramic House Number Tiles page.

Fish House Plaque  10  " Dia.   

  Hydrangea House Plaque 10  " Dia.      

HP-001-MC    Monochrome     $95.00  HP-002 MC    Monochrome     $106.00
HP-001-PC      Polychrome    $110.00   HP-002-PC    Polychrome     $122.00
HP-001-SP     Polychrome Special    $157.00  HP-002-PS    Polychrome Special     $171.00
Pansy House Plaque  10  " H x 12"W Swan House Plaque 10" Dia.
HP-003-MC    Monochrome      $106.00 HP-004-MC    Monochrome     $95.00
 HP-003-PC    Polychrome     $122.00  HP-004-PC    Polychrome     $110.00   
HP-003-PS    Polychrome Special     $171.00 HP-004-PS    Polychrome Special      $157.00

 Information to Know Before Ordering Your House Plaque or Number Tiles

The charm of hand crafted house plaques, is expressed in their richness of style and color.  Because each individual house plaque is hand made and/or hand-painted, it possesses its own unique character.  This uniqueness is expressed by slight variations of color and texture. 

Lead time is normally 4 to 6 weeks.  You may place your order below, once it is received we will send you an invoice via e-mail and payment may be issued to us through our PayPal account.   

Instructions on how to place an order:

Indicating the House Plaque or House Number Item # -  Indicating item including the  suffix MC, PC or PS indicating Monochrome, Polychrome or Polychrome Special.  For example: HP-002-PS indicates that you are ordering the Hydrangea House Plaque  (HP-002) - Hydrangea House Plaque and (PS)  indicates Polychrome Special.

Describing Item  -  For Example:  Swan House Plaque or Morning Glory Edge Tile.

Item Color  -   For example: 03 indicates Monochrome Denim Glaze only or 05\02 indicates Polychrome Taupe with Celadon Glaze.  For Polychrome Special orders, indicate PS and in Description Box below describe the color combination.

Quantity -  Indicates how many you are ordering.  For Example:  Fish House Plaque would be 1 item.  If ordering #'s indicate how man of each # you would need for example 1055 you would need (1)  1 tile, (1) 0 tile, 2 (5) tiles and 2 edge tiles.

Description Box for Polychrome Special and House Plaque Text - For Example:  Rose and Avocado with Taupe antiquing and Matte Glaze  -  12, 9 & 5\11.  All Polychrome Special orders automatically have the 05 Antiquing whether in Matte or Glossy Glaze.  All Polychrome Special orders must have a single uniform glaze color which, in general tends to be either 10 Clear Glossy Glaze or 11 Clear Matte Glaze.  Also Describe either the Name or Title or  the number that will appear on the House Plaque.  Painted on House Plaque Text or Numbers and House Number Tile Numbers are normally painted in either Black, Charcoal Grey or Denim depending on the colors chosen unless otherwise specified.

Cost and Shipping  -    The order cost and shipping cost will be calculated and included on your invoice that will be e-mailed to you.

        Please be patient if you do not receive a response right away as we are located on the East Coast and will most likely be affected by Hurricane Irene.

   Placing an order indicates you have read the terms above, understand and agree to them.  

Order Form

Item # Item Description Item Color Quantity


Polychrome Special and House Plaque Text or Additional Information Description Box 

Please make sure that you include all the information below for shipping purposes and should we need to get in touch with you:

Please note that any solicitation received for web links requests via order forms will not be accepted and will be automatically deleted upon receipt.  Please contact us through e-mail.



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