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Shell Infinity Panel, Coral, Seaweed and Shell Decorative Tiles & Sea Life Panel

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Above is the Shell Infinity Panel in 16\10 Cloud Grey with Clear Glaze.  Shown with additional Shell Listello and Corner. Below is the Shell Infinity Panel expanded in 10 Clear Glaze shown with a double border of the Shell Listello & Corners and Mini Shell Trim Border.  Find the Border Tiles Here.


Sea Life Panel in 06 Palest Blue and trimmed with 1\06 Denim with Palest Blue.  Shown with additional Mini Shell Trim Border and mini Sea Life corners.


Our Coral, Seaweed and Shells custom ceramic bas relief tiles shown above in Periwinkle and Peacock with Palest Blue Glaze and mixed with Mini Sea Life Tiles of scallop shells, seahorse, starfish, etc

  Sea Life Panel in 06 - Palest Blue Glaze with piping in 1\06 - Denim with Palest Blue Glaze



in 06 - Palest Blue Glaze 




in 7\06 - Peacock with Palest Blue Glaze 



in 1\10 - Denim with Clear Glaze



in 1\10 - Denim with Clear Glaze



in 5\02 - Taupe with Celadon Glaze



A collection of handmade decorative custom ceramic bas relief tiles depicting a variety of Coral, Seaweed & Shell Tiles.  This collection of custom ceramic tiles were made from castings of actual coral, seaweed, shells, seahorse and starfish.  Bring the Ocean Floor as your bathroom tile,  your kitchen backsplash tile or as beach house tile .  Our custom ceramic handmade Bas Relief decorative Art Tiles, Accent Tiles, Border Tiles, Panels and Murals are made to order with colors chosen from our extensive Color Palette.  Cergamics decorative tile clay body is a white creamy colored earthenware and the tiles generally run about  3/8" thick.  The clay body is apparent in all of our tiles due to the wiping technique we use to paint our tiles


Shell Infinity Panel 12" x 18" consisting of 6  6" sq. tiles but can be expanded to larger panels or an entire wall.

Monochrome $650.00 each

Shell Infinity Panel

Polychrome $795.00 each


Below find the Coral, Seaweed and Shells custom ceramic bas relief handmade tile selection by design #.  

Design #1  SL-008-1MC or PC Design #2  SL-008-2MC or PC Design #3  SL-008-3MC or PC
    Coral, Seaweed & Shell Tiles
5 Different Designs     SL-008-1 thru 5 MC or PC
4" Tiles
Design #4  SL-008-4MC or PC Design #5  SL-008-5MC or PC
Monochrome $24.95 each
Polychrome $30.25 each


Below find the Coral and  Seaweed only custom ceramic bas relief tile selection by design #.  

Coral and Seaweed



Design #1  SL-009-1MC or PC Design #3  SL-009-3MC or PC

4 Designs       SL-009-1 thru 4 MC or PC
4" Tile
Monochrome $22.95 each
Polychrome $26.85 each
Design #2  SL-009-2MC or PC

Design #4  SL-009-4MC or PC


Sea Life Panel

Sea Life Panel            SL-002-MC or PC
Measuring        12" x 18"
6   6"sq. Tiles
Monochrome     $650.00
Polychrome       $795.00

Our new Sea Life Panel is an abundance of sea life, incorporating multiple of our Sea Life tile designs and compatible with our Coral, Seaweed and Shell tiles, Mini Sea Life tiles and the Tropical Fish tilesThe Sea Life Panel is made up of 6 6"sq tiles measuring 12" high by 18" wide.

Because Cergamics Custom Handmade Decorative Artisan Bas Relief Tiles are so customized and are available in so many color variations, prior to ordering any of Cergamics Custom Art Handmade Tiles, it is highly suggested that color chip or chips are ordered by going to the Color Chip Order Form.  We prefer direct contact with customers in the ordering process since it can be complicated but if you prefer to use the Order Form on our Ordering Tile page, please do so.    We do not usually carry stock on any individual item.  Every handmade tile order is custom made and hand-painted.  Please contact us either by phone (631) 653-4245 or e-mail info@cergamicstile.com to discuss your unique order.



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