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Morning Glory and Shell House  Number Tiles

Custom handmade ceramic bas relief Shell House Number Tiles and Morning Glory House Number Tiles add charm to the exterior of a home that simple plastic numbers cannot.  House Number Tiles are all handmade and hand painted.  If custom ceramic House Number Tiles are not what you are looking for, please visit our custom ceramic House Plaques page.




 11\03 - Concord with Denim Glaze  5\10 - Taupe with Clear Glaze 1\10 - Denim with Clear Glaze






 7\06 - Peacock with Palest Blue Glaze  5/10 - Taupe with Clear Glaze  4\06 - Periwinkle with Palest Blue Glaze






Custom ceramic Shell House Number Tiles  are shown above in Periwinkle with Charcoal Grey numbers in Palest Blue Glaze and Taupe with Black numbers in Clear Glossy Glaze.  Choose from numbers 0 thru 9 and an end piece that can be used on either side.



Shell House Number Tile #1  HP-005-1MC or PC

Shell House Number Tile #2  HP-005-2MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #3  HP-005-3MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #4  HP-005-4MC or PC
Shell House Number Tile #5  HP-005-5MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #6  HP-005-6MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #7  HP-005-7MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #8  HP-005-8MC or PC
Shell House Number Tile #9  HP-005-9MC or PC Shell House Number Tile #0  HP-005-0MC or PC Shell House Number Tile Edge   HP-005-E-MC or PC

 The numbers themselves are painted in either Black, Charcoal Grey or Denim Blue.

Shell House Number Tiles                      HP-005-0 thru 9MC or PC    

  3" x 7"                                    $37.00 each 

Morning Glory House Number Tiles                HP-006-0 thru 9MC or PC

 2" x 10"                                                 $39.00 each  

Shell  House Number Tiles Edge  HP-005-E-MC or PC    

 1" x 7"                                 $29.00 each    

Morning Glory House Number Tiles Edge   HP-006-E-MC or PC    

 2" x 9"                                                $31.00 each    


Information to know before ordering your House Plaque and House Number Tiles and Order Form


Because Cergamics custom ceramic bas relief tiles are so customized and are available in so many color variations, we are unable to accept orders through our website and we do not usually carry stock on any individual item.  Every tile order is custom made and therefore must be discussed with each individual client.



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