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Ordering Tile from Cergamics Custom Art Tiles

Please read all the information below prior to ordering

Color Chips, Lead Time and Return Policy
Color Chip Order Form
How to Place an Order
Invoicing and Payment
Order Form
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 Information to Know Before Ordering

The charm of hand crafted tiles, is expressed in their richness of style and color.  Because each individual tile is hand made and/or hand-painted, it possesses itís own unique character.  This uniqueness is expressed by slight variations of color and texture.  The following explains some tile characteristics a purchaser of hand crafted tiles needs to know to make an educated purchase.   


Hand crafted tiles can be irregular in shape, have mildly uneven surface with slightly undulating edges.   Due to the nature of fired clay, variations in size, color, tonality may occur.  No single tile may represent the full range of color and size variations and variations may occur from order to order.  We cannot guarantee that tiles ordered as add-ons will exactly match those from an original order.   The matching of glaze colors to fabrics, wallpaper and other tile samples will generally not be exact and must be considered an approximation.  Slight irregularities or variations are inherent in all fired clay products and are normal.  Many factors contribute to variations including temperature differences within the kiln and minor differences in raw materials.  Tiles, which are closer to the heat source, may be more intense in color than those in another section of the kiln.  Therefore, tiles delivered may vary from the control sample as permitted by industry practices and according to the nature of the specific glaze, so color matches are not subject to guarantee.  Different shapes of various relief and trim tiles may cause some glazes to run when they melt in the kiln.  For this reason, the shading or the effect of the glaze on the relief and trim tiles may be different from that of flat tiles, even though they are made at the same time.  Crazing is a characteristic of many glazed ceramic tiles and is not a defect in the tile and does not generally alter the tileís performance.   Glazed tiles sometimes craze before or after installation and occasionally even years later.  It is not possible to guarantee against crazing since it can be caused by minor tension between the glaze and tile body. In the instance of painting on supplied pre-glazed tiles; the acceptance of certain underglazes and/or glazes to the tile surface will depend on the quality of the tile supplied.  In some cases bubbling, color separation or slight alteration of field coloring may occur when re-fired.  Although glazed tile has a hard surface, it is not wear resistant and is not guaranteed to be wear-resistant. 

Color Chips, Lead Time and Return Policy

Prior to ordering any of Cergamics Custom Art Tiles, it is highly suggested and recommended that a color chip or chips are ordered by going to the Color Chip Order Form.  The color that you see on your monitor may not necessarily adequately represent the color of the tile.  Even then there are always color variations as described in the disclaimer above.  When making your selection, if you intend to do use multiple colors (polychrome special), then the glaze color must be the same.  We do not keep stock on any one item so each Cergamics order is a custom order.  There are no returns.  Lead time is normally 4 to 6 weeks, on larger orders or orders containing field tile, lead time can be 8 to 10 weeks.  Payment in full must be received prior to shipping.  


Invoicing and Payment

You may place your order below, once it is received we will send you an invoice via e-mail and payment may be issued to us through our PayPal account.   We do not have the ability to accept credit cards directly.

Instructions on how to place an order:

Indicating Item # -  Indicating item including the  suffix MC, PC or PS indicating Monochrome, Polychrome or Polychrome Special.  For example: NA-003-3PC indicates that you are ordering a Nautical Accent Tile (NA-003) - Life Preserver (-3) in Polychrome (PC) or  GD-012-MC indicates Ovation 6" Decorative Tile (GD-012) in Monochrome (-MC)

Describing Item  -  For Example:  Floral Basket Panel or Beach Scene Border Insert #1 or Clematis Border.

Item Color  -   For example: 03 indicates Monochrome Denim  Glaze only or 05\02 indicates Polychrome Taupe with Celadon Glaze.  For Polychrome Special orders, indicate PS and in Description Box below describe the color combination.

Quantity -  Indicates how many you are ordering.  For Example:  Hydrangea Panel would be 1 item.  Repeat border tiles such as the Clematis or  the Beach Scene Border which are both 4 tile repeat patterns must be ordered in full pattern quantities so if your were ordering 4 sets it would be 16 tiles.  The Beach Scene Border also has insert tiles and those would be ordered by the piece.  

Glazed Edges are $1.25 per edge and Bullnosed Edges and Glazed are $3.25 per edge.

Description Box for Polychrome Special Orders - For Example:  Rose and Avocado with Taupe accent or antiquing and Matte Glaze  -  12, 9 & 5\11.  All Polychrome Special orders automatically have the 05 Antiquing whether in Matte or Glossy Glaze.  All Polychrome Special orders must have a single uniform glaze color which, in general tends to be either 10 Clear Glossy Glaze or 11 Clear Matte Glaze.  

Cost and Shipping  -    The order cost and shipping cost will be calculated and included on your invoice that will be e-mailed to you.


   Placing an order indicates you have read the terms above, understand and agree to them.  

Order Form

Item # Item Description Item Color



Polychrome Special or Additional Information Description Box 


Please make sure that you include all the information below for shipping purposes and should we need to get in touch with you:

Cergamics reserves the right to change pricing and alter or discontinue a design at any time with no prior notice.



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